Politics seems to have attained a new low. Personal attacks on leaders are now common place. The Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has been called a “chai wala” by the Youth Congress of Gujarat on Twitter. It is common knowledge that the Prime Minister comes from a humble background and used to sell tea as a child. Neither has he made any bones about it. In fact, he has capitalized on it to great effect.

On the one hand, Mr. Rahul Gandhi has maintained that while he and his party shall criticize the Prime Minister on his performance, they would never be disrespectful to him. On the other hand, the Youth Congress wing comes up with the disrespectful barb. The entire Congress leadership has vehemently condemned the ‘chai wala’ tweet and the said tweet was deleted soon after.

Gujrat Elections

In a swift repartee, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Member of Parliament, Mr. Paresh Rawal has called the Congress leadership as a “Bar wala” (someone who works / frequents Bars). This is surprising as Mr. Paresh Rawal is seen as a mature and senior leader of the BJP. It is alleged that his post was widely seen as aimed at Congress president Sonia Gandhi, who worked as a waitress during her college years and so, is derided by her worst critics as a “bar-girl”.

Better sense seems to have prevailed and this tweet too was deleted by Mr. Paresh Rawal.

However, the fact of the matter is that the Gujarat Elections seem to be the focal point. The Congress seems to be making inroads into Gujarat, a predominantly BJP stronghold. Rahul Gandhi’s Gujarat Election campaign seems to have touched a chord amongst the electorate in Gujarat and this has led to a great deal of optimism in the ranks of the Congress cadre. In all honesty, the BJP seems to have been taken aback by the support which the Congress has received in Gujarat. The BJP is pulling no stops in campaigning in Gujarat and all its top guns are involved. The Prime Minister himself is taking an active interest in this. Yes, the BJP seems to be shaken.

Another factor which seems to have gone against the BJP is the Patidar vote bank. The Patels of the Patidar community have been traditional BJP voters. However, the Youth Leader of the Patidar community, Mr. Hardik Patel has demanded reservation for his community, to which the BJP has not responded favorably. Therefore Mr. Hardik Patel has offered his and his communities support to the Congress, who has been positive to the reservation demands. The Congress has also offered tickets /seats to some Members of the Patidar community to contest elections. With the entire Patidar vote bank tilting towards the Congress, the BJP seems to be alarmed.

The politics in Gujarat has drooped to the levels of obscenity. Several CD’s of Mr. Hardik Patel participating in sexual acts have emerged. In fact, in one of his speeches, Mr. Hardik Patel had mentioned that very soon his sex CD’s would be floated in Gujarat and he has blamed the BJP for this. He has said that the CD’s have been doctored and that it’s his look alike. The BJP has said that they have no part to play in the emergence / circulation of these CD’s.

With so much muck and dirt thrown all the political parties are bound to be tarnished. May the best party win.