Zaira Wasim

A 17 year old Kashmiri Muslim girl makes her acting debut in an Amir Khan movie. It’s a biographical sports drama named ‘Dangal’, which turns out to be the highest grossing Indian movie of all times. Her performance is critically acclaimed and she goes on to win the National Award.

She then acts in another movie called ‘Secret Superstar’ and this time too, she goes on to win another National Award.

A student of a Convent School in Srinagar, this young girl is also very bright academically, having passed her Board exams with 92% marks. Born in a middle class household, with both her parents working, this young girl wants to pursue her academics along with her acting career. This young girl is Zaira Wasim. It is said that the world has not been fair to her. Her success has been at a cost. She has been hounded and abused. She has been rebuked and insulted for no fault of hers. As always, there are at least two sides to a story and unfortunately, the truth lies in the eyes of the interpreter of the story which one believes in.

After the huge success of “Dangal’, in which she had trimmed her hair as she played a young wrestler, she was trolled on line by radical Muslims for being “un-Islamic” by acting in a film and cutting her hair. After winning the National Award, she met with the Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti, and was declared as a role model for Kashmiri women. She was trolled again on line and had to issue an apology just to stop the abuse. She then shut down her twitter account.

A few years ago, Zaira Wasim’s mother, Zarqa Wasim, had tweeted her support for Pakistan during an India Pakistan cricket match. She posted a tweet stating “Keep calm & defeat India” and said “Bleed Green”. Being an Indian citizen and supporting Pakistan in a cricket match against India is indeed blasphemy and just not done. As expected, it didn’t go well with the entire nation and once again, Zaira Wasim had to bear the brunt of the foolish and thoughtless tweet made by her irresponsible Mother.

Zaira now finds herself embroiled in another controversy while travelling business class with her mother on a late-night flight from Delhi to Mumbai where she was allegedly harassed by a frequent flyer when the cabin lights were dimmed in preparation for landing. It is learnt that the frequent flyer allegedly put his feet on the arm  rest of Zaira’s window seat and touched her with his feet. It is said that Zaira warned the frequent flyer but this didn’t stop. While the plane was landing, she screamed at the frequent flyer and that is when the crew got to know of this incident. Zaira later posted her ordeal on line and that is when this issue got momentum.

Zaira Wasim innocence lost

The frequent flyer has since then been arrested by the police and claims that he was asleep and may have touched Zaira accidently. The netziens have reacted in the manner which has been expected of them. While some have supported Zaira and have congratulated her on her bravery, the others have claimed that it is a publicity stunt which she and her Mother have indulged in.

Zaira Wasim finds herself between two sharpened blades of a scissor. Damned if she does it and damned if she doesn’t.

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